Posted on Wednesday, 24th June 2009 by AndrewZ

European Roulette inside This is Vegas Casino is such delight to play. The limits will keep players right in check. Or at least those who tend to over board. I play a lot of online Roulette and some table have insane limits. I suppose if you are a high roller, these limits may not exceed your limit.

This is Vegas caters to the little guy. With the wagers only $1.00 -$25.00 on both inside and outside bets, the table max is $50.00. The table is also nice and easy to place your bets. Clear cut boxes along with a spin history and a magnified view of the wheel.

To bad with all of this going my way, the table was not. I suppose it could have been worse. I played for a little over an hour, only down about $50.00 and I was playing $20.00 spins. I felt like every time I spun 19 would come up. Thought about putting a buck on it, did not, then it came out again. Put a buck on it, never hit again. Go figure.

Tonight not my night, but maybe it could be yours. Put your money on 19, it might work for you! Play European Roulette at This Is Vegas!

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