Posted on Tuesday, 24th March 2009 by RandiO

Today is the day I should play lotto, better yet Powerball. While playing American Roulette inside Lion Slots Casino, my numbers were coming out like it was their job, to just pay me. Seriously it was pretty freaky.

Had only the wager limits been a little higher, I could have done some serious damage. I don’t normally play table games inside this casino and perhaps I may have to change that trend. The table is set up like most.

Table limits, wagers, and wins are all available right at the top of the screen, which is one thing that if it is not available for players, I will not play the table games in that casino. The wheel and numbers are easy to see, along with the history board.

Wagers are modest and I think most players would enjoy them. Table max is $50.00 and inside and outside bets are up to $25.00. Players also have a re-bet button, which I think is fantastic. I often play the same numbers usually with very little change while playing. This option make it easy for meand will for others.

To sum things up, I am ecstatic about my wins today. And trust me, the lotto is carefully being considered. Come and play inside Lion Slots Casino, where table games are just the start of the fun!

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