Posted on Wednesday, 8th April 2009 by AlleyM

This is easily one of the most adorable slots I have ever come across. Eggstravaganza, Rival Casino’s new 3 reel bonus slot has something for everyone. More than anything, it will be able to satisfy any sweet tooth you may have.

Draped in chocolate and Easter eggs, there are other cute symbols a player will want to see three of. They are Easter baskets, Easter lilies, Easter bonnets, butterflies, little ducklings, and Mr. Easter Bunny himself. Also, the background of the screen is weaved like a basket.

Every time a player receives at least one little duckling on the center pay line, a family waddles across the top of the screen. When a player receives Mr. Easter Bunny on the center pay line, not only do they win free spins, but he hops across the top of the screen also.

The wagers are modest, ranging from $0.01 to $5.00 per coin, up to 3 coins, per spin. That would make the minimum wager $0.03 and the maximum $15.00 per spin.

I found that I was getting what I paid for. This adorably, light and child-like reminder of Easter was created and I enjoyed myself immensely. Hurry to any of Rival Gaming Casino’s and try it for yourself.

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