Posted on Sunday, 15th March 2009 by RandiO

I can not wait to see what next genius thing Vegas is going to come out with. The i-slots are fantastic. I find myself playing them more than I probably should. Inside This Is Vegas Casino, I played As The Reels Turn part 1 tonight.

As if I need any more drama in my life, it is nice to slip away into this exciting slot. I had not played this part is some time. I had been playing the second and third installments and when I came back to this one, it was nice to see they left me in the level I left off in.

There is something about part 1 that seems more inspired. As with most things, sequels are not always better than the first. I am not saying that the other ones are not top notch, I just enjoy this one better.

The funny thing is I never seem to play to win money. Winning money seems to be a plus. I get so involved in the story lines and the bonus rounds are great also.

There is the free spins with Ivan the goldfish, Pick your performer with Tommy Wong, and lastly the counterfeit chip bonus round. With every spin, players could easily end up in one these bonuses or even more exciting, move on to the next level.

I recommend this game to any slot lover, and heck to any player looking for the skill of a video game and the excitement of a slot machine. Enjoy!

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