Posted on Friday, 3rd April 2009 by AlleyM

While getting my fill on the daily soaps, I decided to check out Lion Slots Casino’s i-slot, As The Reels Turns. Today I chose to play the second installment of trilogy and unto my surprise, there was plenty of drama going on.

First and for most, I must comment on the graphics, as I always do. The i-slots are so perfectly designed, I wonder how other casino’s have not tried to integrate them into their existing games. The different rounds that a player can travel through is genius.

There was so much going on I almost forgot I was playing a slot. From the scatter chip bonus round, to the find Danny bonus round, the Ivan the fish free spins and advancing to the next scene, I was all over the place and loving every minute of it.

Ending up about $150.00 and the real fun came from the video game feeling that I got. Slot players everywhere should check out the i-slots. They will not be disappointed.

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