Posted on Saturday, 29th August 2009 by RandiO

Welcome to the El Paradiso Casino inside As The Reel Turn. This I-slot was among the firsts from Cocoa Casino and now there are a total of three installments! As The Reels Turn is based off daytime television or as most call them, Soap Operas and let me tell you, Cocoa Casino gives network TV a run for their money!

There is some much drama going inside the El Paradiso Casino that players may not be able to experience it all in one sitting. The I-slot is set up to tell a story. So players will be able to move from scene to scene by receiving 3 of the Advance to Next Scene symbols.

Some of the other symbols that players will see inside the I-slot are Food and Wine, Confidential Letters, chips and cash, and the cast of characters, Crissy, Matt G., The Don, Tommy W., and Ivan the fish. Three different bonuses can be experienced inside the I-slot!

Ivan the fish will award players 10 free spins when 3 or more are received during a spin. When players receive 3 or more of Tommy W., they will trigger the Feature Act bonus. Inside this bonus, players will select a performer and based on audience support, determines the prize! One more bonus feature can be triggered, when players receive 3 or more of the Bonus Logo chips. Players will be asked to help Matt G. find counterfeit coins. The more correct coins, the higher the players bonus!

The wager limits are great too. They are between $0.01 and $0.50 per coin, up to 5 coins, per line. This is a 15 line slot, therefore the max wagers are between $0.75 and $37.50 per spin.

So on the weekend, when soap operas leave you hanging, log into Cocoa Casino to fulfill your need for drama, oh! some extra cash! Play As The Reels Turn 1 today!

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