Posted on Friday, 20th March 2009 by AlleyM

Any player looking for great bargains, should start looking at the Flea Market. Located inside the Lion Slots Casino online, players will find a 3 reel slot with low wagers and big wins.

The graphics are adorably amusing. There is a background picture of three fleas at a market per say and the little flea is sucking on a lollipop. The father is trying to make a deal with the vendor, cute. Some symbols include the lollipop, bars, that resemble candy bars, a dresser and a diamond ring.

The diamond ring hold the highest pay out of 10,000 coins while doubling as the wild symbol. Players who receive one ring apart of winning combo, get paid 2x and when there are two rings, players get paid 4x on the winning combination.

Playful and fun, I really enjoyed myself tonight. I stayed fairly even, but the light humor of the game cause me to play for a while. Players should hurry to Lion Slots Casino Flea Market for great deals offered no where else!

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