Posted on Monday, 9th February 2009 by AlleyM

Cocoa Casino continues to entertain with their ever so clever i-slots. I-slots are a slot game that plays similar to a video arcade game. There are different players, levels, and bonus rounds. Tonight I played Reel Crime: Bank Heist.

Reel Crime: Bank Heist is a mob themed 5 reel slot. The goal is to break into the bank, steal the cash and get away with out getting caught. Sounds easy right, it is just a slot? This is not just a slot. The graphics alone are amazing.

Billy clubs, brass knuckles, and tommy guns are just a few of the symbols in this slot. Bags of money, cops and bottles of liquor also are throughout the reels. If this slot was a real video game it may be rated A for adult.

Besides the ever present mobster vibe, this game is very fun and the wagers are modest. There are 3 different levels each offering players two choices of play. If a player has a little time on their hands, they should try to get through every level. Enjoy!

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