Posted on Tuesday, 21st April 2009 by AlleyM

One of my most favorite table games is Tri-Card Poker. I first learned about this game from my Mother-in-law, but then I played it for the first time on a cruise ship and I was hooked ever since!

Tonight I played inside Cocoa Casino. I am a stickler on the table set up and only one thing bothered me. In the top right corner, the table limits are stated, however, when I went to place my wager they did not match up.

Other than that one minor detail, this game was a blast. The dealer only plays with a queen or higher, which makes my decision on whether or not to stay in with an Ace, very easy. I was hitting things left and right!

If you have not tried this game before or maybe you have not played it in a while, you have to get on over to the Cocoa Casino, you will not be disappointed!

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