Posted on Monday, 30th November 2009 by AndrewZ

The popular casino game, Let It Ride, is offered in many online casinos. This experience took place inside Cocoa Casino. Would it kill them to add some color to the tables or something? The table is not even green or red, it is an ugly brown color. Other than the color the table is set up like most others, shoe on the right, chips in the middle and to be shuffled pile on the left. The background noise is that of a live casino.

The wager limits are between $1.00 and $300.00 per hand. Once the player has placed their wagers, the click deal. Players are dealt 3 cards face up and 2 face down. After the player has seen their first 3 cards, they have the option of pulling back one of their wagers or continuing on.

Then the next card is revealed and players have the choice again, pull or continue. The last card is revealed and winning hands, if any are paid. Players are only paid on hands of 10’s or better.

Let It Ride is not one of my favorite games and Cocoa Casino does not go out of their way to try and make one either. I would suggest not letting it ride, but every player should try something at least once. Who knows, perhaps this experience was a bit more bumpy for me than it would be for you.

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