Posted on Tuesday, 11th August 2009 by RandiO

Many surprises were revealed tonight while playing the latest 3 reel slot from Lion Slots Casino. What has become one of the more rewarding experiences of Lion Slots Casino, would never have thought to have come from this source.

Bust-A-Vault was reviewed a few months ago when it was first released and sadly, I was not impressed. They had promised this to be the first 3 reel full of animation, and sparkling symbols was just going to cut it.

Thankfully upon entering this slot again for a second look, I was made a huge winner, therefor changing my view completely. The wager limits are between $0.01 and $5.00 per coin, up to 3 coins, per spin. Therefore making the max wagers between $0.03 and $15.00.

I played the $15.00 per spin and ended up striking the highest paid prize with 3 vaults for 2000 coins. At $5.00 a coin, it turned out to be $10,000.00! Truly amazing and unexpected. Thankful that I could shed a bright light on a less then promised game.

For your chances at a quick $10K, players should check out Bust-A-Vault at Lion Slots Casino today!

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