Posted on Saturday, 6th June 2009 by RandiO

Although Cocoa Casino has given themselves a new face lift, the same games online players come to expect are still available and better than ever. One of their table games, Caribbean Stud is my favorites.

One thing I noticed is they changed the chips that players bet with. Their cute with the little Cocoa Casino logo on it. The wager limits continued to remain the same, being between $1.00 and $250.00.

The table and set up had no change either, but something was different. Oh, I know what was different…I was getting cards like you wouldn’t believe! Hand after hand hitting 3 of a kind or straights, it was insane!

I think I walked away over $3200.00 and that was only in a half an hour. Talk about some luck. Whatever Cocoa Casino did, I like it and I hope they continue to make changes that reflect nicely on my bank account!

Check out Caribbean Stud to see what I am talking abut!

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