Posted on Monday, 23rd February 2009 by AndrewZ

War always has it’s casualties and tonight I was one of them. Inside This Is Vegas Casino, playing the table game Casino War, proved that I should have surrendered before I started. War is a card game that is usually played between two or more players, but in this casino it is just you and the dealer.

Normally the players divide the deck into even amounts of cards per player, however there is no dividing here. This game is played with six decks of cards. The decks are shuffled in between every game.

Wagers are modest ranging from $1.00 to $250.00 per hand. A player can also place a bet that a tie will occur. The limits for the tie bet is $1.00 to $75.00. Each hand can only have a combined table limit of $250.00. Tie bets pay 10 to 1.

War seems to be a game of chance. However, a player with an excellent memory can improve upon its chances of winning by ordering the cards that the dealer wins in rounds. This may be an easy feat with only one deck of cards, but with six, it may be a quite bit harder to do.

I took my chance with War tonight and was not lucky. In the past I have been, so it must not have been my night. Try your luck with War, bring backup.

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