Posted on Thursday, 26th March 2009 by AndrewZ

Although he thought he was predicting a tragedy, Chicken Little probably did not realize an adorable 3 reel slot would have been made in his honor. That’s right folk’s, Lion Slots Casino offers up a simple and easy games in which great hings could come to those who play.

Most 3 reel slots give players the simple play. Allowing them to experience the fun with out having to think. Chicken Little supports just that. The few symbols are the usual bars, acorns, the hen, the duck and himself, Chicken Little.

Chicken Little lives a double life in this game. Not only does he offer out the highest win of 4000 coins, but he is also the wild symbol and pays out double when apart of the winning combo.

I played for a while and stayed kinda even. I was hoping instead of the sky falling, maybe it would have been coins, but you can’t always have what you wish for. check out Chicken Little today and see what could fall into your life!

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