Posted on Tuesday, 22nd September 2009 by RandiO

Logging into Cocoa Casino today, I was suddenly surprised by the new lobby they have. It immediately reminded me of a live casino in Atlantic City.

Players will notice the reflection in the shiny marble floor of the flashing lights. To the sides are slot machines, hopefully the loose ones right? And to the top, a beautifully painted, arched cathedral ceiling.

This into really makes Cocoa Casino look grand and inviting. It can go along with its new games, such as Moonlight Mystery and Spy Game.

As Cocoa Casino continues to make these small upgrades, online players are going to start noticing them soon. Expect a rise in play, not to mention they hold a progressive slot that love to strike.

Check out the new lobby inside Cocoa Casino. It will make you feel like you are in a live casino, therefore entering a wide variety of great games to play! Enjoy!

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