Posted on Tuesday, 13th January 2009 by AlleyM

Lions Slots Online Casino offers the classic card game, War, as a table game, Casino War.  Simply put, I guess some people will bet on anything.

Casino Wars table is set up like most. Shoe on the  right, chips in the middle. and the to be shuffled cards to the left.  Minimum bet is $1.00 and the Maximum is $100.00.

Only up to $75.00 can be placed in the circle and only $25.00 can be place on the tie line. A players original wager is the only wager that can be won if there is no tie.

A winning hand is only if the players card is greater than the dealer’s. Wagers placed on the Tie line pay 10 to 1 if the first two cards tie. This is when a player has a chance to go to War.

If the player chooses to go to War, their wager is raised by an amount equal to their original wager. Three cards are dealt face down and a fourth face up for both the player and the dealer.

If your card equals or beats the dealer, the player wins the raise amount and the wager amount will push. If the dealer’s second card is greater than both of the players wagers are lost.

Some table games are about skill and luck. I feel this game is mostly about luck. So good luck to you on this classic card game.

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