Posted on Saturday, 21st February 2009 by AndrewZ

Lion Slots Casino has one of the most electrifying home pages I have seen. The music gets you pumping and ready to have some fun. Tonight I chose to play Craps. I have to say, I was a little disappointed.

Most table game have limit boxes right on the screen. This one did not. So I was unsure of what the table limits and for which location each amount was. I thought by going to the help section I may have found some answers, but none were available.

Once I played around with the table, I was able to establish some of which wagers were allowed and where. It was quite frustrating and time consuming. Time I could have spent playing.

After I placed my bets, I clicked roll. Then I realized another thing that was missing. It was missing the info box that showed the amounts of my wagers and then my wins. A repeat or re-bet button was not available. I had to continue to replace my bets after each roll.

All in all I did not play for long. I was very surprised, because I have had great table games experiences in here before. Playing Craps may need to be left for a live casino.

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