Posted on Tuesday, 30th June 2009 by AndrewZ

One of more comical 3 reel slots inside Cocoa Casino is Flea Market. Flea Market is a 3 reel slot where players can win up to 10000 coins! This slot is complete with a wild symbol and tons of excitement for everyone.

Flea Market, like most 3 reel slots, is very easy to play. Only featuring 4 different symbols, which are diamond rings, dressers, lollipops, and bars. The picture inside the slot is that of Fleas making purchases at a market, hence the name, Flea Market.

The diamond rings are both the wild symbol and the highest paid symbol. When one diamond ring is apart of a winning combination, players will receive their winnings doubled. When 2 diamond rings are apart of a winning combination, players winnings are quadrupled! When 3 diamond rings appear on the center pay line, is when players can win up to 10000 coins.

The wager limits are modest, only between $0.01 and $5.00 per coin, up to 2 coins, per spin. These limits make the max wagers between $0.02 and $10.00. That is pretty cheap for a 10000 coin pay out! So hurry over to Cocoa Casino today and play Flea Market!

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