Posted on Saturday, 21st March 2009 by RandiO

I am not one for the telling of the future, but the title slot, Future Fortunes, was not a lie. Inside Cocoa Casino, is this five reel bonus slot and fortunes can be won here.

With in my first few spins I struck the free spin bonus, I only was awarded 5 of them, but I always say quality beats out quantity each and every time. I was playing the max which is only $20.00 per spin and in the 5 free spins I was awarded over $900.

Just when I thought my good fortune was over, I entered the free spins again, not quite as profitable as the first, but any win is good stuff. I really love the graphics also of the game.

Colors are bright and detail on every symbol is excellent. One thing Rival Gaming, which is what Cocoa Casino is apart of, they pay very good attention to making sure their graphics are top notch.

Players should check out Future Fortunes, because I do not know what the future holds, but this slot seems like it is not holding on to much since it is giving fortunes out like candy! Good Luck!

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