Posted on Friday, 9th January 2009 by AndrewZ

What started out as an online i-slot, turned into a full blown vacation. This Is Vegas online casino provided an entertaining adventure in Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise.

The wagers are from $0.01 to $37.50. The player starts off in the travel agency. Their main goal at first is to receive 3 or more cruise ships in on spin.

Once the player received the cruise ships, they were sent into a bonus round. In the bonus round they spin a wheel.

The wheel can take a player to places like Alaska and the Caribbean, even Greece. Also on the wheel are different amounts of points, which translate into money won.

What I really enjoyed about this game was how the slot changed depending on which destination I entered. It also has different bonus activities, that one would find on a cruise, to win extra dough.

This Cash Cruise treated me well, allowing me to win money up front. Let’s call it spend money if you will, to see the rest of the game.

If every experience was as this one, I would travel on the Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise again. Any player should hurry up and book their trip now, so they don’t miss the boat.

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