Posted on Thursday, 8th January 2009 by RandiO

This is Vegas Casino definitely gave me the Travel Bug. Lighthearted and adorable, this video slot is perfect for everyone.

One great thing about this slot is it’s affordable betting lines. With amounts wagering between $0.01 and $10.00, it is good for even the conservative gambler.

Another feature to be enjoyed, was the graphics and music. From the charming music, to the french caterpillar, to the Beatle looking beetle, and the chillin slug, eyes and ears will be happy.

In addition, the game has wild lucky ladybugs, scatter bugs and the “do not leave home without it” passport. If a player receives 3 or more scatter bugs in a spin, they trigger a “can’t lose” free 10 spin bonus.

“Can’t lose” means, in every spin, there are wild bugs in the first reel. Making every spin a winner. When a player receives 3 or more passports, they get sent to the “Travel the World” bonus round.

The player then receives a travel bonus amount. The bonus travel amount is to try and get the bug as far around the world for the cheapest airfare. The more destinations visited, the more a player can win in the bonus round.

I only made it to a few destinations. Traveling with this Travel Bug was delightful and effortless, it would be pleasure to do it again.

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