Posted on Monday, 20th April 2009 by AndrewZ

Has anyone really gone up into Grandma’s Attic to see what is lurking about? I live in Florida, so I am not sure what an attic is (JK), but I have heard they are for storage.

While playing the 5 reel bonus slot, Grandma’s Attic, inside This Is Vegas Casino, I started to wonder and hope some of these things are not in my Grandmother’s attic!

Old jewelry and furniture, even some rats, seem like things that we may find, but fruit, skeletons and a voodoo shaker is not quite what I expected. The fruit would go bad, and who is the skeleton and when did you practice voodoo? Are just a few of the questions I would have for her.

The slot was a bust. Aside from the interesting content, they never lined enough to give me something to play with. I played fro a while and neither the free spin bonus or the bonus round were triggered. Normally that means I will be back, but this time I am not sure. Maybe you should try Grandma’s Attic and see if your experience is the same.

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