Posted on Monday, 15th June 2009 by AndrewZ

Golf, not the biggest fan. My sister however, loves it. Loves It so much she works at a golf coarse and plays often. Inside Cocoa Casino, I stumbled upon their i-slot, Hole In Won, and thought to myself, what is the big deal?

I know there is almost no comparison between live golf and an i-slot themed golf, but I thought just maybe this game could strike some interest. It did! On the fourth spin I entered the bonus feature winning $825.00. This big win allowed me to play for some time.

The i-slot is beautiful. Very lush and green. The sound effects are perfect and the game is very entertaining. Everything has to do with golf, from the symbols, sound effects and especially the bonus feature.

The bonus feature can be triggered when a player receives 3 or more Birdies scattered during a spin. Once triggered, players are asked to play a round of golf. Each time they trigger this bonus feature, players will play one hole. Depending on the level of play, depends on the bonus amount awarded.

The bonus feature is much harder than it looks, but I was able to make par. (I think I said that right) So what are you waiting for? Hurry to Cocoa Casino Golf Coarse and play i-slot, Hole In Won for tons of fun!

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