Posted on Thursday, 2nd April 2009 by AndrewZ

Remember when growing up, adult always told you to keep your hands to yourselves? Well normally that was because you were hitting or pinching, right? Well pinch away, but please no more hitting. Honestly, tonight I hit enough.

This Is Vegas just made a killing off my hitting problem. While playing Blackjack, one-handed, I should have kept my finger to myself, instead of on the mouse. When you are dealt 12 or 13 every time, oh what to do. This was one of the sickest experiences I’ve had in this casino.

If I had 18, the dealer had 19. If I had 19, the dealer would draw out 5 cards to give him 20. There is just no luck tonight. Beside the brutal beating I gave to myself, the design of the table was nice. Everything was visible to players and play is quite clear.

The message is quite clear here too. Tonight is just not my night. Perhaps you will have better luck. Until next time.

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