Posted on Wednesday, 15th April 2009 by AlleyM

Beside offering great slots with amazing graphics, Rival Gaming Casino’s have one other thing to offer their players, reasonably priced games. In other casino, some slots go all the way up $250.00 per spin and that will supposedly get you the big wins. So is not the case with Rival.

Most of Rival’s slots max out at $37.50 per spin. Some would think, well you probably are not getting much, right? Wrong! While playing Cleopatra’s Coins, a 5 reel bonus slot, I entered the bonus round on my 6th or 7th spin. That was lucky, but inside that bonus, I struck $412.00. That was great.

I was tempted to stop there, but I thought just a little longer. That little longer entered me into a free spin bonus, that re-triggered twice, winning me an extra $387.00. That’s right folks, for a mere $37.50, I was up almost $900.00.

Now, don’t think I’d be such a fool to think that I was not lucky, because I know I was. I just think had I been playing somewhere else, risking more, perhaps my reward would not be worth it. You be the judge. Try playing the slots at any of Rival Gaming Casino’s and see if your money goes a bit farther. I bet it will!

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