Posted on Thursday, 19th March 2009 by AndrewZ

Feeling a little spaced out tonight, I choose to play Cosmic Quest: Mystery Planets Episode 2. I played inside This Is Vegas casino, which is just one of a few that offer the genius i-slots to the world.

Cosmic Quest: Mystery Planets is the second installment of the spacey series. Equally as great as the first, but the skill based bonus round is a bit harder. The graphics are exquisite and the color quality is bright and bold, excellent.

Although the graphics are amazing, my play tonight was not. The wild rocket ship that expands through the reel, barely ever showed. The jet pack free spin bonus hit once and supplied a huge disappointment.

Three of the packs landed on the center pay line in a row, so I am thinking that it was going to be a good one, not. Players who trigger this feature are awarded 10 free spins, well they should have only given me 5, because I did not hit anything til the 6 th spin and it was for $6.00.

The skill based bonus round did not show either. I have played this a few times since it came out and even wrote about my good fortune, so maybe it was time for a down night. I have played in the past where I received 3 wild rocket ships right in the center, that resulted in a great pay out.

Outer Space was not feeling me tonight. Players should try their luck and see if Cosmic Quest: Mystery Planets is the place for you.

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