Posted on Saturday, 7th March 2009 by RandiO

One game I can never get enough of is Multi-handed video poker. Cocoa Casino offers many different video poker games and tonight I chose to play Deuces Wild.

The object of Deuces Wild is to create the best poker hand out of five cards dealt. Players can choose to play from 1 to 25 hands per deal. Wagers are from $0.01 to $0.50 per coin per hand. Players can bet up to five coins per hand.

Once the player has chosen their wager, the real fun begins. The player is dealt five cards. From the five cards they must choose which ones they want to hold. After they have chosen their hold cards, they press deal and the hand is over.

Winning hands are highlighted and marked with kind of hand won. To the left of the screen, players will clearly see a pay out list on the different poker hands. They will flash and show the total of which ones were hit during that hand.

One other great thing about this version is players have a second gamble option after each hand. They can choose to collect or gamble their winnings from that hand.

If they chose to gamble, they are dealt five cards with the first one face up and the others face down. Players must choose a card that is higher than the one showing. If they are correct, they double, if they are incorrect, they lose it all.

The rest is history. The excitement comes from knowing when you are dealt four deuces, you are going to be paid on it 24 more times. Try your luck at this multi-handed poker game.

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