Posted on Wednesday, 25th March 2009 by AndrewZ

First I would like to start by saying, This Is Vegas Casino seems as if it has been neglected for a few months now. There have not been any new promotions up and as far a s new games go, only one has been released since the new year.

Tonight I chose to play Fantasy Fortune. This a 5 reel bonus slot and I have not played this one before. Honestly, I never tried it because of the picture it had when rolling over the title. It was of a dragon and it seemed as if it might be like a dungeons and dragons type thing, but to my surprise, I was wrong.

It is more like classic fairy tale, but the darker side of it. Some symbols include warlocks and wizards, unicorns, knights, witches and princesses. Fairy tale, not Disney. Although I was pleasantly surprised on the theme, the graphics seemed dull and not very exciting.

The wild symbol is a dragon that breathes fire and seemed to be the only symbol with any animation and when apart of a winning combo all wins were tripled. Players who received 3 of the wizard symbols trigger the free spins.

On cool thing about the game was the bonus round. If a player received 3 or more of the bonus dungeon door, they were entered in a round leading them through the castle looking for treasures. Each different screen the player has to choose which way to go, pick the wrong way and the feature was over.

Overall this slot was good. The low wager limits made it easy to play for a while and the interactive bonus round kept me longing for more. I stayed about even and that’s all right for me. Come and play into your fantasy at This Is Vegas casino.

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