Posted on Thursday, 22nd January 2009 by AlleyM

“The Sky is Falling” were famous word exclaimed from Chicken Little. Thankfully tonight he was not talking about my balance.

This adorable 3 reel slot let me play for hours. The wagers were so modest. With the minimum bet only being $0.03 and the maximum $15.00, per spin, even the most conservative gambler should be interested.

As with most 3 reel slots it is all about the bars. This one was also, but the charming chirping in the background, and the rank of the other symbols, all a player would want, would be birds!

Three different kinds of birds are the top payouts. Chicken Little being the most important. Not only does he offer the highest payout, his symbols is the wild.

With Chicken Little being the wild, any winning combo with the wild is doubled.  With my luck, Chicken Little combined himself with two acorns and I won a quick $600.00.

Chicken Little was great at convincing his friends the sky was falling, but in the end it really was not. Which is why I am here to tell you, the only falling in this game is a player, falling in love.

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