Posted on Friday, 30th January 2009 by AlleyM

Red Dog is a table game I have come to love. Cocoa Casino is not the most animated I have played before, but nevertheless, I had a great time.

The goal of Red Dog is to draw a third card that is in between the first two cards dealt. The table is set up like most table games. Complete with a limit box in the top corner, chips in the center, and a shoe to the right. The pay table is right in the center for players to see.

The fun starts with an ante and the player is dealt two cards. A player can ante between $1.00 and $200.00 per hand. If a player believes they will draw a card in between the first to cards, they can raise.

When a player chooses to raise they are increasing their bet the same amount as their original bet. If a player believes the third card will not be between the first two cards dealt, they call. When a player calls, no further bets are made.

If the third card is ranked between the first two cards, the player wins. If it is not, they lose. If the first two cards are the same, you are automatically dealt the third card and if all three cards are the same you win 11 to 1 on your money. If the first two cards are of the same rank, (like 3 and 4) you push.

Obviously most games are about luck, however this game does allow some give. If your cards are A and 2, raising is a must, the odds are the third card will fall between them.

I play quite conservative. Any player who plays the maximum will risk more, but the payouts can be very rewarding. Tonight was one of the best experiences playing this game. I ended up ahead and from this Red Dog that is all I could ask for.

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