Posted on Sunday, 4th January 2009 by AlleyM

I-slots, the online casino slot of the future.  Lions Slots online casino, along with others, have proven why the gaming industry is so brilliant.

In the age of technology lovers, Reel Crime: Bank Heist supplies the player with opportunity of gambling and the fun of playing a video game. This game captures the player with the video game experience, who enjoys playing online.

The game lover in me cost $2000.00 quickly by simply wanting to get to the next level. The player can choose to wager $.01 to $37.50. The fun part of the game is playing the story line.

The player is in the role of the bank robber. The first goal is to spin 3 or more tommy guns, once that is achieved a player is sent into the first bonus round.

Shooting the gun finds you the key to the bank, in which you have 9 tries to open the safe before the cops come. Opening the safe requires 3 or more safes on a spin, but watch out for the cops, because 3 or more of them move them closer to ending your bonus round.

If the player gets the safes, they continues on to the next round, if not they go to jail and chooses an accomplice of theirs to try again.  Once the safes are cracked you blow up a safe for their winnings, and then try to getaway.

Getting away is the hardest part. I didn’t get a chance to getaway in the game, but getting away from this game was difficult. I simply had forgotten I was gambling, which is why I came to this conclusion.

The only Reel Crime here is brilliance and entertainment, as with anything, too much of a good thing, is too much.

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