Posted on Sunday, 3rd May 2009 by AlleyM

Hello Caribbean Stud Poker. I play this game in so many casinos, but tonight, Cocoa Casino treated me right. Immediately in the first hand was dealt a straight that put me far more than I had aimed for tonight!

The next hand was a flush. I thought wow, what a game to walk into right? Wrong. The night went completely downhill from that. After those two great hands, I just could not connect with anything.

If I had a pair of tens, the dealer had a pair of jacks, you see where I am going with this. Thankfully I did have those two great hands in the beginning and I was able to save some face.

On a higher note, I really love the simplicity of play inside Cocoa Casino. The table is set up great with everything you need displayed except for the pay table. I do wish that is was visible, but all in all, the cards run smooth and quickly, so I really enjoyed it.

Try Caribbean Stud Poker inside Cocoa Casino and see if your luck is any better than mine. Even if it is not, I have a feeling you should enjoy yourself.

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