Posted on Tuesday, 5th May 2009 by AlleyM

Upon entering the 5 reel bonus slot, Reel Of Fortune, I was expecting a bunch of letters and a large board with certain saying on it. I was expecting a wheel with huge amounts of money on it, but instead I got a 70′ rendition of The Price Is Right.

Not that I minded, because Plunko was definitely one of my favorites on The Price Is Right, but the name was very misleading. I did enjoy the symbols. The puke green washing machines, wooden frames televisions, periwinkle refrigerators, and the orange pinto rolled through the reels.

There are two different bonus features in this game. One is the Curtain Bonus and the other is the Plunko Bonus. I had the pleasure of playing Plunko, and I was a little disappointed. I waited so long to enter the bonus and then it was over so quickly, I did however win $620.00, so that was great!

The in my very next spin I entered the Curtain Bonus. The player is shown 3 curtains. Behind 2 are bags of cash and the other is a donkey. Players will continue to play until they pick the curtain with the donkey. This bonus won me $720.00.

It was safe to say that after that I had to stop, I did not want to give it all back you know. Check out Reel Of Fortune, if you are looking for a nice bonus and The Price Is Right. I am still confused as how they mixed those up!

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