Posted on Sunday, 15th February 2009 by AndrewZ

Tonight inside Lion Slots Casino I played 7’s & Bar’s. The 3 reel slot has a patriotic theme. Red, White, and Blue stream through the reels like an American flag flying high in the sky.

The pay out scale is to the left of the screen. Players can win 2500 coins when the symbol 7’s & BAR’s comes up 3 times on the pay line. The pay line is only in the center.

The second highest pay out is 600 coins when a player receives 3 diamonds. All the rest of the pay outs range from 3x to 300x the wagering amount.

Wagers range from $.01 to $5.00 per coin. Players can risk 3 coins per spin. Playing max bet will set the player up to win the highest amounts available.

Players will be left singing the National Anthem after they have played this game. Three red bars ended up winning me $600.00 only risking $15.00 and I was singing like a canary.

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