Posted on Friday, 6th March 2009 by AlleyM

Lion slots Casino offers a wide variety of games, tonight I played one of my favorite table games, Red Dog. Pet Lovers may be disappointed, this game resembles the adorable pet that is always into something, leaving a huge mess to clean up.

Red Dog is so simple to play, even a caveman could do it. Players are dealt two cards and they must decide if the third card is going to fall between the first two cards. If the third card falls between them the player wins, but if the card hits either side, they lose.

The ante on this table are from $1.00 to $10.00 per hand. With limits like these, any modest player would be inclined to play. Once the ante is placed two cards are dealt. The ace is played high and suits are irrelevant. The game is played with a standard 52 card deck and is reshuffled between each game.

If the cards are consecutive, for instance 2 and 3, it is a tie. The ante is returned and the hand is over. If the first two cards are equal, a third card is drawn. If the third card matches the first two, the player wins 11 to 1 on their original bet. If the third card does not match the others, the hand is considered a tie and the ante is returned to the player.

When the player gets two cards that are neither consecutive or equal, then the player has the option to raise their ante based on the likelihood of the third card falling between the first two. The player can also call, in which no other wagers are put at risk.

Luckily for me, this Red Dog was on it’s best behavior tonight. I will remember next time that frequent treats are needed while playing. Try Playing Red Dog today!

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