Posted on Friday, 1st May 2009 by AndrewZ

New drama inside Cocoa Casino tonight. As the Reel Turns 1, an excellent first episode i-slot, has captured my attention tonight. Normally these kind of showings do not interest me, but there is something about a slot, that looks like a TV show, oh and plays like a video game!

I had forgotten that I was already inside scene 4 of 7. So technically, I am half way there. I have to admit, I really excited about getting to the end to figure out what is going to happen.

Play started quite slow. I was actually wondering if anything was going to happen at all. Then I struck the Tommy bonus. Tommy Wong is the resident performer for the El Paradiso Casino. Once players enter the bonus they have to chose 1 from 4 different performers. Based on the audience response is what players will be rewarded in coins.

Shortly after, the coin counterfeiter bonus was triggered. Players will have fun choosing which coins are real for Matt, the casino owner. The more choices that are correct, the higher the prize.

After that, all that was left to do was wait to be sent to the next scene. That never happened, but I could not complain, because the bonuses were very good to me. Come and enjoy this soap opera of a slot inside Cocoa Casino and see if their bonuses are as good to you!

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