Posted on Thursday, 7th May 2009 by RandiO

If you have been to a Rock concert or any concert for that matter, when the lights are low and the band is getting ready to come on stage, there is an energy that flows through the stadium. This energy flowed through my computer tonight.

Inside Cocoa Casino they just released a brand new i-slot, Rock On!. This 5 reel bonus i-slot, is a tribute to everything Rock n’ Roll. While players wait for the game to open, they can hear the cheering, whistles, and screaming fans just waiting for the band/game to take stage!

The screen is bordered with speakers and an entire lighting system. The reels are filled with Rock legends such as Kiss, Hendricks, and Elvis, along with drums, guitars, peace and rock on hand signs. With every spin there is a guitar solo and when some of the symbols that are triggered, they to have their own animation or some kind of sound effect.

The green guitar is an expanding wild symbol. When apart of a winning combo, it will expand through the entire reel in which it landed. The guitar substitutes for all symbols expect Elvis and the drums set.

When 3 or more of the drum set appear during a spin, the player is awarded 5 free spins. When a player receives 3 or more Elvis symbols during a spin, they will enter the bonus round.

Inside the bonus round, players are tested to play a song from the set list. The more notes the players gets correct, the higher the prize. I was able to trigger it twice during my play and I would consider it a skill based bonus round, but totally kick ***!

Over all I think this i-slot is a huge hit and will certainly go straight to #1. Thank you to Cocoa Casino for giving us one more reason to Rock On! Thank you and have a good night!

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