Posted on Tuesday, 10th February 2009 by AndrewZ

A good 3 reel slot is hard to come by, but tonight inside Lion Slots Casino, Surf Paradise was a totally laid back experience. I was interested to ride this wave to see where it may lead.

The graphics are average. Along with the traditional bars, there are waves, surf boards and palm trees. Background music and sound effects are pretty light.

The wagers are as easy going as the rest of the game. The minimum bet per coin is only $0.01 and the maximum $5.00. Players can only play up to 2 coins per spin. The max payout is 2000 coins and can only be won when 2 coins are bet.

The slot was so chill, it did not even give me any money. I played for a while and stayed even the whole time. I tried to catch three waves, maybe next time, I will get the big one.

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