Posted on Sunday, 25th January 2009 by AlleyM

It took some time for Three card Poker to be added of my list of favorite card games. Only this time, the game was not so nice to me.

Three Card poker is two games in one, pair plus and ante. The player may put a wager on either one or both. There are different table limits to both.

Ante has a max of $100.00, while pair plus has a max of $25.00.
The minimum for the table is $2.00. When a player is betting both, they can not exceed a $100.00 table limit.

The pair plus game has payouts for specific hand combinations and are not dependent on the dealer’s cards. The ante game has normal and bonus payouts.

The normal payouts are dependent on the dealer’s hand compared to the value of the players hand. The dealer’s hand must qualify with a queen high hand.

Ante bonus is paid out if the players hand has a winning combination listed on the pay table. These payouts are not affected by the dealer’s hand.

Since the dealer’s hand will not always qualify, the player has the upper hand. Even if the player has a questionable hand, they may want to go for it, I think the odds are in their favor.

Tonight I played in the Lion Slots Casino and the house was benefiting greatly. I was quite surprised, because I really love playing here. The odds were not in my favor tonight.

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