Posted on Wednesday, 28th January 2009 by RandiO

Lions Slots Casino was serving up the deals today. Flea Market a cleverly created 3 reel slot was Hot, Hot, Hot. When I am looking to score, this market is my new place go.

The graphics are charming, but not animated. The theme is “Flea Market” and it really has fleas hanging out at a market. Some of the symbols are bars that look like candy bars, lollipops, and dressers.

The dressers do not really fit in with the theme, but they are 2nd highest rank in payouts. The first ranked in payouts is the diamond rings. They are also the wild symbols.

The wagers are modest. A player can play for as little as $0.01 to as high as $10.00. Once the player chooses their wager, they must chose whether to play only one coin or two.

Playing two coins is the best bet, which will win a player larger payouts. The maximum payout of this game is 10,000 credits and can only be won by playing max bet.

I never went below what I started with playing this game. I was very lucky today. When I am looking for a bargain, I’ll be back at the Flea Market.

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