The most original video slots in the world, i-Slots, are featured only at Rival Gaming branded online casinos. Each of these unique i-Slots feature a storyline. What this means is that as you play the story progresses. Being that it is a game, you can hit a trap and start the story back at the beginning, but the further you go, the more excitement you will experience.
The i-Slots available are very large files that take a little bit of time to download, but once you download them you will have them forever on your computer and they will always open up instantly. Below are some of the most popular i-Slots that are featured at different Rival Gaming Casinos.
Dowload the Baby Boomers i-Slot Now!Baby Boomers : Cash Cruise i-Slot
Here’s the story… You’ve worked hard your whole life, and now it’s time to play hard. You and your loved one(s) decide to take a trip on a luxury cruise liner that will embark across the high seas.
The exciting part is where you will go. You will be surprised when bonus rounds take you to a travel agency. There you will randomly choose an exotic location and magically you will playing your slot in a different location. Travel to Alaska, Greece, or the Caribbean. On the cruise you will encounter even more bonus rounds that will allow you and your guest to play shuffle board, skeet shooting, and bingo. On this cruise you can have big fun while you gain some big winnings.

Dowload the Baby Boomers i-Slot Now!Cosmic Quest i-Slot
You may have enjoyed traveling to different places on earth in the Baby Boomer’s Cash Cruise i-Slot, but Cosmic Quest Mission Control will send you traveling through space, waht some might find to be much more interesting travels.
Getting three or more of certain symbols will allow you to have different pilots, and different pilots will bring you to different destinations. The Scatter Monkey will trigger 10 free spins and usually means some really big extra cash. Another wild symbol, the Wild Rocket Ride, can allow you to win up to 5000 coins.

Dowload As The Reel Turns i-Slot Now!As The Reel Turns i-Slot
Start watching this soap opera and you may be glad that you live in your own life. As you play you will get to know different characters, some of whom are lovers, some losers, some heros and villains. Along the way those main characters will use the smaller players and pawns.
Then there’s the real bad guys. The mob fellows, the goons, that may appear bad, but if you hit them they will bring you to bonus rounds and you will move on to newer and more interesting scenes. Other bonus rounds and wild symbols will treat you well.

Dowload Reel Crime i-Slot Now!The Reel Crime Art Heist i-Slot
This was the first i-Slot ever seen in the world. It still remains as one of the more entertaining video slots on the web. The best part about the game are the symbols that are replicas, or rather, original art works. They are not just any pieces of art, they are the most famous and desired art in the world, but beware, there are some symbols that are out to rob them from under your nose.
The more expensive the art piece in real life, the more you will win if you hit them. Scatters pay out well too, and keep an eye out for the one and only Mona Lisa.